Training for Ministers to the Homebound

  • Do you take Holy Communion to someone who is ill or homebound?

The pastor and his staff are responsible for the safekeeping of the Eucharist and the pastoral care our parishioners and those who live within our parish boundaries.  The parish is required to know and track who is taking Holy Communion to whom. (Code of Canon Law 519, 528, 529)

  • Are you aware that the Church has specific requirements regarding what ministers may or may not do when carrying the Eucharist?

For example, ministers to the homebound must go directly from the church to visit the sick; “it is strictly forbidden to” stop along the way to get a newspaper, breakfast, or run personal errands while they are carrying the Eucharist.  And the Eucharist is never to be left in a person’s home or vehicle. (Code of Canon Law 935; Archdiocese of Santa Fe Eucharist Policy 36.3)

  • Do you know which prayers, rites, and options to use when visiting the sick?

The Pastoral Care of the Sick contains many choices for various situations:  visiting the sick, prayers with the sick, Communion of the Sick in ordinary circumstances, Communion in a hospital or institution, celebration of Viaticum, prayers for the dying, and numerous selections of prayers and scriptures.  (Pastoral Care of the Sick)

We invite you to learn more about this important ministry at our

Training for Ministers to the Homebound
Saturday, February 3, 2018
10:00 a.m. to Noon Family Center Room #2