As followers of Jesus we recognize that all everything we have—house, job, family, friends, investments, car—is a freely given gift of love from God.  How do we say “thank you”?  By giving back to God what is already his, through our communal worship and prayer, by our service to one another, and with our financial support of the ministry of the Church.

COMMUNAL PRAYER—It is not enough to sleep in on Sunday and just have a private little chat with God.  It is not enough merely to walk in the mountains or watch a sunset to feel the presence of God.  Fine as those experiences are, we believe we are called to gather for worship on a regular basis with sniffling children, restless teenagers, hard-of-hearing grandparents and sleepy parishioners and to encounter God there. 

SERVICE TO OTHERS—Jesus makes it very clear that it is the cup of water given, the visit made, the clothing offered, the time shared that will mark the value of our lives.  You can grow in your relationship with Jesus by volunteering to give your time and talent in one of the many ministries in our faith community (see the following page).

FINANCIAL SUPPORT—How do we give thanks and praise to God?  We come together every Sunday in the Eucharistic celebration.  Eucharist means to give thanks.  We come with the gift of ourselves as we are and say thanks from the depth of our spirit.  We come with the gift of our resources to give back a portion of the material blessing with which God has surprised us once again.

You can wrap your gift in a number of ways:

  • Use your weekly envelope,
  • Contribute securely on-line, or
  • Sign-up for automatic withdrawals from your bank account.

The method is up to you. Consider setting your goal at the biblical tithe of 10% of your income.

Ask any one who supports our community in these ways and they will tell you, in the words of St. Francis, “it is in giving that you receive.”