Values and Standards

 Liturgy and Music Ministry ~ Values and Standards


The Sacred Liturgy is the source and summit of our faith life. Our faith community places great value on the Sacred Liturgy as central to our Catholic life.  To achieve the principles set forth by The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Liturgical Ministers adhere to these VALUES:

  • Ministry grows out of our baptismal call to serve others.
  • Ministers share a common sense of purpose.
  • Ministers work together as a team.
  • Ministers are aware of their role in shaping the experience of God’s presence for all worshipers.
  • Ministers work to continually raise the standard of our service.

Standards are the means by which we achieve excellence.  In order to maintain excellence in our liturgical celebrations and sustain our liturgical principles and values, Liturgical Ministers are expected to comply with these STANDARDS:

  • Be dependable and consistent.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be prepared.
  • Participate fully.
  • Support and encourage one another.

View our complete Liturgical Ministry Values and Standards.

For more information about Liturgy and Music Ministry at Holy Rosary, please contact Barbara Guenther, Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and Music 505-836-5011 ext. 227 triduum-choir-tim-salazar-cropped