Liturgy and Music Ministries



The Liturgical Assembly is made up of every person who comes to celebrate Mass or one of the other Sacraments.  We are people called by God through Christ to gather as a community to express our faith and deepen it through our full and active participation in the communal prayer of the Church.

Altar Server

Our Altar Servers assist the priest with reverence, faithfulness and love during the celebration of the liturgy, and help to make our parish liturgies meaningful and prayerful.  View our Altar Server Procedures and Guidelines.

Extraordinary Minister of Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are faithful men and women who have a deep love for the Body of Christ present in the sacred bread and wine and in the people of God.  View our Extraordinary Minister of Communion Procedures and Guidelines.


Our lectors have a love of scripture and scripture study, and a desire to discover and express the love of God through the proclamation of God’s Word.  View our Lector Procedures and Guidelines.


As participants in the common worship and prayer of our community, our Ushers take care of many details of our celebrations so that our liturgies flow smoothly and without distraction.  View our Usher Procedures and Guidelines.

Music Ministry

The primary Ministers of Music are all those who are gathered for prayer – the Liturgical Assembly.  The Ministers of Music who lead us are men, women and young people who have responded to God’s call to guide our community in sung prayer.  Many have little or no musical training, some have experience from school bands and choirs, and some are professionally trained musicians.  What we have in common, however, is a desire to help our community express faith through sung prayer.

altar-servers-incenseMaster of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) has a deep love of the liturgy and is attentive to detail.  MC’s primarily minister at major parish celebrations and feast days, and work to give direction to the flow of the liturgy.

Liturgical Environment

With a sense of beauty and space, the Minister of Art and Environment has the ability to assist in the planning and preparation of the worship environment throughout the liturgical seasons.

Liturgy Committee

Coordinators of the many and various liturgical ministries make up the membership of the Liturgy Committee.  This group meets several times a year to study, evaluate, plan and prepare the liturgical celebrations for our faith community.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators work with engaged couples to assist and lead them through the planning, preparation, rehearsal, and celebration of their wedding liturgy.

Altar Society

The Altar Society gathers regularly for prayer and community.  This organization supports and enhances all of the liturgical ministries of the parish.  Members of the Altar Society assist to provide and care for vestments and linens, flowers and environment, candles, and all the items needed for the celebration of the sacred liturgy.


For more information…

For more information about Liturgy and Music Ministry at Holy Rosary, please contact Barbara Guenther, Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and Music 505-836-5011 ext. 227 Barbara@holyrosaryabq.org