Baptism- Infant


Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Community Welcomes You to the Waters of Baptism!

Baptism is the Sacrament of welcome into the community of Jesus Christ. We are particularly happy to welcome the new member of YOUR family into OUR  parish family of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. Baptism is a welcome that tells us we belong TO someone: the COMMUNITY OF THE CHURCH. And we belong FOR someone: THE WORD.

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time full of change and transition. As parents, you take on the responsibility of passing on your values and your faith to your child. Having your baby baptized in the Catholic faith is only the first step in a lifelong spiritual journey with your child.

Our Baptismal Team will engage you in conversations about the symbols and meaning of the sacrament, invite you to share your own memories and experiences, and walk through the ritual so everyone knows what to expect on the day of baptism.

The baptism process begins with the parents contacting and setting up an appointment with Don Conklin, Pastoral Associate for Administration/Ministries, to discuss their child’s baptism. Parents attend three preparatory baptism sessions and godparents attend at least one. The focus in these sessions is on understanding the call of baptism and the response that parents are undertaking for their child. When you are ready to have your child baptized, contact Norma Vivian in the parish office at 836-5011 ext. 238 or by email at


  1. RESPONSIBILITY. Parents are the primary teacher of their children in the way of the faith. Children will remember what parents do, not necessarily what they say. Parents are responsible for setting good examples of faith for their children.
  2. PARTICIPATION.  We assume, at Holy Rosary, that your membership is based on the intent to participate in worship and service. At least one parent must be a Catholic, registered and active in the community at Holy Rosary. Non attendance at Sunday Eucharist creates a very serious doubt that the child will be raised a Catholic, and church law forbids us to baptize with such a doubt.
  3. GODPARENTS.  Godparents from another parish or out of the city must supply a letter of approval from their pastor indicating that they are Catholics in good standing, and that they have attended baptismal preparation in their parish. If proxies are to act for the godparents, they must be named specifically as designates in a written statement.

Does it make any difference who I ask to be Godparents of my child/children? Sure it does.

People often want to ask their best friends or a relative to act as godparents for their children; they usually do this as a way of honoring someone. Of course we all would like to honor those who are dear to us, but the Baptism of your child may not be the right time to do so.
Would you ask your best friend to perform heart surgery on your child? Of course not, unless he/she were a competent heart surgeon. So, if the role of a godparent is to help the parents to raise a child in the good practice of the Catholic faith, then it stands to reason that you should help someone else follow in their footsteps.
Helping a child to become a good Catholic Christian is an important undertaking; it is therefore equally important to ask someone who can model that lifestyle. For example, this mean someone who regularly prays with the community at Sunday Mass and who in other ways practices his/her faith and shows commitment to Christian values.
None of this is to suggest that your dear friends or relatives are not good people. They will surely be with you to help you in many other ways. But, if you value your faith, you will choose the best teachers to help pass that faith on to your children.


Session 1: (Small group in team member’s home)
This session will be a combination of video presentation and group interaction on the theme of Faith Journey! We are interested in your life experiences along the lines of “belonging” and your experience of community and the historical development of the Rite of Baptism.

Session 2: (Large group in Church)
Parents and Godparents must attend this session. We will deal with the symbolism in the Baptismal Rite. It includes a presentation by a Deacon or Team Leader, followed by an explanation and rehearsal of the liturgy we will use for your child’s baptism.

Session 3: (Small group in team member’s home)
Baptism itself takes only a moment. Raising a child in the way of faith, however, is a daily life-long task. In this last class we will focus on the Christian family. It will offer helpful supports for/and insights into Christian parenting.

Each session will run about two hours. Parents must attend all three sessions. Godparents must attend the second session only. A certificate of attendance is signed once the sessions have been completed.

Please arrange for a babysitter on the evenings you will be participating in the preparation sessions. You will be able to focus your attention and help others around you participate more fully.

Baptism Liturgy: Because we believe strongly in the connection of baptism and community, we baptize infants at one of our regular Sunday Liturgies. Please feel free to invite your loved ones to celebrate this Mass with you.

Thank you for bringing your child before God and the community. Our prayers are with you.